CHARLES IX (1550-1574) Roi de France.

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CHARLES IX (1550-1574) Roi de France.
P.S., Paris 21 May 1563; countersigned by Jacques BOURDIN; notebook of 5 pages in-fol. Instructions for the baron d'Alluye who is going to negotiate in England the restitution of Le Havre de Grâce to France. [Florimond III ROBERTET baron d'ALLUYE (1540-1569) is sent to England, to engage Queen Elizabeth to give back Le Havre (which the English had taken in October 1562, coming to the rescue of the Huguenots.) As Elizabeth demanded the surrender of Calais in exchange, the negotiation failed, but the Constable de Montmorency was able to retake Le Havre from the English in July]. The English ambassador having indicated to the Prince de Condé "that there were means to come to the pacification of the dispute of Le Havre de Grace, of which we ask for the restitution", the King sends the Sieur d'Alluye to negotiate this restitution "with all the fortresses, artilleries, monitions and ships". But England claimed Calais, considering it a serious breach of the Treaty of Cateau-Cambrésis that "the late King Francois [François II] and the King of Scotland [Marie Stuart] took the arms of England to join them to the arms of Scotland"... Alluye should plead with the Queen that this restitution "will be a worthy work of her and in conformity with her promise and declaration, and of which she will acquire an immortal praise by all Christendom. He will also tell her about the large number of ships she has had taken and arrested, not only by the ships of her subjects, but also by her own ships, in order to order the release and delivery of what was taken to Havre de Grace and to England... Etc.
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