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Sales conditions
French law governs the general conditions of sale and all that pertains thereto. Purchasers or their agents accept that any legal action falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the French courts (Paris). The various provisions of the general terms of sale are independent of each other. The invalidity of one of these provisions does not affect the applicability of the others. Participation to the public auction implies that all purchasers or their agents accept and adhere to all of the conditions hereinafter set forth.
The sale shall be conducted in euro and payment is due immediately after the sale.
Lots preceded by * indicate in which the auction house or one of its partners has financial interests.
The company Delon-Hoebanx and the apparaisers experts have established the indications in the catalogue, subject to the rectifications, by way of notices posted in the sale room or by way of announcement made by the auctioneer at the time of the presentation of the lot and recorded in the minutes of the sale (Procès-Verbal). The dimensions, colors of the reproductions and informations of condition report of the goods are provided for information only. All information relating to an incident, an accident, a restoration, lack or a protective measure affecting a lot shall be communicated in order to facilitate its inspection by the prospective buyer and remains subject to his the full appreciation. All the lots are sold in the state where they are at the precise moment of their adjudication with their possible defects and imperfections. No complaint will be admitted once the adjudication has been pronounced, a preliminary exhibition and public viewing having allowed the purchasers the examination of the items on sale.
Regarding watchmaking : the operating state is not guaranteed. Lots may include non-original parts as a result of repairs or revisions of the watch or clock.
In the event of a double bid, which is established and confirmed by the auctioneer that two or more potential purchasers bid simultaneously or propose an equivalent bid either aloud or by gesture at the same time and claim the lot after the pronouncement of the word “adjugé” or “done “, the lot will be put up for sale again and all the public present is allowed and have the right to take part in the sale by auction.
The company Delon-Hoebanx executes graciously telephone bids. Telephone bids are not accepted for lots estimated less than € 300. As such, Delon-Hoebanx will bear no responsibility whatsoever in the case of uncompleted calls made too late and/or technical diffculties with the telephone. Although Delon-Hoebanx agree registration requests phone bids at the latest until the end of the exhibition hours, it will not be responsible for any non-performance due to errors or omissions for telephone bids. All telephone bids requests imply that the applicant is a low winning bidder in case of a technical problem, bad connection, other incident or absence.
In addition to the hammer price, the buyer agrees to pay a buyer’s premium along with any applicable value added tax. The buyer’s premium is 22,90% + VAT amounting to 27,5% (all taxes included) for all bids.
So the price to pay will be the price hammer added to the sales expenses (27.50% all taxes included).
For example : for a hammer price of 1 000 euro, buyer should pay 1275 euro (all taxes included).
The export of a lot out of France can be subject to an administrative authorization.
Obtaining the document concerned is only the responsibility of the beneficiary of the award of the lot concerned by this administrative authorization.
The delay or refusal of the issuing by the administration of the documents for export, will justify neither the cancellation of the sale, nor a delay of regulation, nor a resolution.
If Company Delon Hoebanx is solicited by the buyer or his representative, to make these requests for export, all costs incurred will be at the total expense of the applicant.
This only is a service given by Delon-Hoebanx.
VAT collected as a sale fees or that collected as a temporary importation of the lot, may be refunded to the buyer within the legal deadlines upon presentation of the documents justifying the export of the purchased item.
The French State retains, in certain cases defined by law, a right of pre-emption of works of art sold which may be exercized durig public auction. In this case, the French State replaces the last bidder provided that the declaration of preemption made by the state representative in the sales room, is confirmed within a period of fifteen days from the sale. The French state shall be subrogated in the buyers position.
Delon-Hoebanx can not be held responsible for decisions of preemptions of the French State.
By carrying a bid on a good by one of Delon-Hoebanx's different methods of transmission, bidders assume personal responsibility to pay the bid price, added buyer’s premium, fees, any duties and all taxes due.
Bidders are deemed to act in their own name and for their own account, unless otherwise agreed prior to the sale and made in writing with Delon-Hoebanx.
In the event of a dispute by a third party, Delon-Hoebanx may hold the bidder only responsible for the bid done and its payment.
Pursuant to Article 14 of Law No. 2 000-6421 of July 10th, 2 000, in the event of failure to pay by the pruchaser, after formal notice remained unsuccessful, the lot is put on sale at the request of the seller on “folle enchère” of the defective purchaser ; if the seller does not make this request within one month from the date of the auction, the sale is automatically settled, without prejudice to damages, compensation and daly penalities due by the defective purchaser.
In this case, Delon-Hoebanx has the right to claim to the defaulting successful buyer :
- penalties due at the legal rate,
- refound of additional costs incurred by its default, with a minimum of € 250,
- payment of the hammer price or :
- the difference between the initial hammer price and the subsequent hammer price obtained for reitaration of auction if this last is lower together with the costs incurred due to the second auction sale.
- the difference between the initial hammer price and the hammer price obtained on “folle enchère” if this last is lower together with the costs incurred to the second auction sale
Delon Hoebanx hereby reserves the right to offset against amounts owned to the defaulting successul bidder.
The sale of a lot does not imply assignment of the copyright of which it constitutes eventually the material support.
Total amount must be paid immediatly after the sale in euro regardless of the decision by the successful buyer to export the lot out of the French territory.
Payment as follow :
- Payment online via our website
- In cash in the limit of €1 000€ for French residents and €15 000€ for private individuals who have their tax domicile abroad (upon presentation of a valid passport)
- by check or postal check with presentation of two valid identity documents,
- by credit card Visa or Master Card only, (American Express or CUP (China Union Pay) cannot be accepted or any others)
- by bank transfer in euro, to the bank references as follows :
CODE BANQUE : 3 0004-CODE AGENCE : 03120
NUMÉRO DE COMPTE : 00010630680-CLÉ RIB : 16
IBAN : FR76 3 000 4031 2 000 0106 3068 016
appraised by S.A.S Déchaut Stetten & Associés S.A.S Déchaut Stetten & Associés applies the names according to the standards and technical regulations in accordance with the decree No. 2002-65 of January 14, 2002.
a). S.A.S Déchaut Stetten & Associés means gemstones modified by “pratiques lapidaires traditionnelles” traditionnal stones techniques, in the same way as those genstones which would not have been modified. (Art 3)
b). S.A.S Déchaut Stetten & Associés means modified gemstones by other pratices by the name of the gemstones, followed by the words " traitée " treated or by the indication of the treatment undergone. (Art 2)
Gemstones un-accompanied by certificates or certificates from Laboratories have been apparaised by S.A.S Déchaut Stetten & Associés considering possible amendments to paragraph a).
S.A.S Déchaut Stetten & Associés is at the disposal of buyers for further information concerning Decree 2002- 65 or the different kinds of existing treatments. The techniques of identification and the conclusions of analysis concerning the origin and classification of gemstones and pearls may vary from one laboratory to one other. As a result, it is possible to obtain, in some cases, a different result depending on the laboratories consulted.
The buyer can insure his purchases as soon as their auctions since from that moment, the risks of loss, theft, damage or other are under its sole responsibility.
Delon-Hoebanx disclaims all liability for any damage to items which may occur after the hammer falls. even of the failure of the successful buyer to cover his risks against this damage.
Handling and shopping do not engage the responsibility of Delon-Hoebanx.
The lots can be removed free of charge until 7pm in the sale room and between 8am and 10am the next day (except Saturday, Sunday and some days off)
After this deadline, you can :
- Request the services of TRANSPORT DROUOT-GÉODIS to have your purchases shipped anywhere in the world.
Lots shipped by Transport Drouot-Géodis benefit from a 10-day free storage.
For any quote request or payment
Tél. +33 (0)1 48 00 22 49
Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6:30pm
- If you are unable to collect your lot immediately, the Storage Service will automatically take care of it, handled by MAGASINAGE DROUOT, this service is subjected to the following conditions:
- Administration fees incl. tax by lot : €5
- Storage and insurance fees incl. tax by lot :
€1/day, for the first 4 working days
€1, €5, €10, or €20/day, with effect from the 5th working day depending on the nature of the lot.
Administration fees are capped at €50 incl. tax per collection.
A 50 % reduction of storage costs is granted to foreign clients and French professionals based outside of Paris, upon presentation of supporting documents.
Please be advised that :
- Lots are handed over by Drouot Storage after full and clear payment of the storage costs, upon presentation of the paid invoice and/or the sale’s ticket.
- Any lot that has not been collected within one year from its entry date into the Storage Service will be deemed abandoned and its ownership transferred to the Hôtel Drouot as a guarantee to cover storage costs.
6 bis rue Rossini 75009 Paris.
Tel. +33 (0)1 48 00 20 18
Drouot's Storage Service is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 10am and from 1:30pm to 6pm, as well as some Saturdays.
The storage area can be accessed after presenting an ID card.
Delon-Hoebanx is not responsible of handling and shipping after the sale.
After exceptional shipping agreeded and handled by Delon Hoebanx, its liability could not be be implicated in case of loss, theft or any damages which remains the responsibility of the buyer.